Hungarian version

- 500 grams of dry chickpeas
- 1 Onion
- 1 Bouquet of parsley
- A little bit of green pepper
- 4 cloves of garlic
- 2 tea-spoon of cumin
- 2 tea-spoon of coriander
- Salt and pepper
- 2 spoons of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
- Soak the chickpeas a during one night in water with sodium bicarbonate.

- Drain the chickpeas and smash them to get a puree.

- Mix the puree with the mélange of parsley, garlic and green pepper then add the cumin, the coriander, the salt and pepper.

- Make small ball with the dough.

- Fry the balls in very hot olive oil for several minutes until their color turn to brown.
Serve the ready falafel hot or cold with pita accompanied by salads, yogurt sauce, hot sauce, hummus or tahini sauce. Many people like to have it as a snack or as part of a traditional meal.