Hungarian version
Mini-pizza: Spread the pita with tomato sauce put on it some sliced ham and cheese and/or whatever toppings you like than put it into a hot oven till brown. Perfect fast food for the whole family.

(Preparation time: 8-10 minutes)
Pita biscuit: Cut your pitas into slices than spread the slices with olive oil, crushed garlic and sesame seeds. Salt to taste. Bake them till brown in hot oven. Can be served hot or cold with different dips, sauces or salads. Pita bicuits are great snacks.

(Preparation time: 5 minutes)
Pita sandwich: Slice down one of the edges of a pita. Open it up then fill with meat, falafel, cheese, salads, hummus, sauces or whatever you like.

(Preparation time: 2 minutes)