The aubergine is an iconic plant of the Middle East and South Asia, and is also depicted in the ancient images. No wonder, it is healthy and tasty, so much so that it has been known for centuries in the Mediterranean, Hungarian and, through Turkish mediation, Transylvanian cuisine under the name “vinetta”. Its fruit is rich in flavor, mineral salts, vitamins A and C, but low in calories. It is also excellent grilled, as an aubergine cream, in salads, stuffed, fried, steamed or casseroled, and is a favorite of the dieters and reformers. As a salad, it enhances the flavor of other ingredients, and at gatherings of friends, it brings a guaranteed success for the cook. Its preparation is time-consuming in some recipes, but there is a solution: in addition to the classic ready-made aubergine cream, Fanan also offers mayonnaise and sesame versions for those who like original flavors.