– 400 g dried chickpeas (do not substitute canned chickpeas)
– 1-2 onions cut to 4ths
– 5 g chopped parsley
– 4 cloves of garlic
– 2 teaspoon of cumin
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– Oil for frying

Pour the chickpeas onto a large plate. Check the chickpeas and remove small stones and other grains or legumes.
Rinse the chickpeas in a sieve, until the water runs clear. Soak the chickpeas in a large bowel of water for at least 12 hours. Change the water a minimum of two times, in order to prevent fermentation of the chickpeas. (The chickpeas should approximately double in size. Make sure to use a big bowl and plenty of water.)
Place the soaked chickpeas into a food processor with all the other ingredients. Pulse until a coarse paste forms. Make a small ball from the dough. The dough should stick together. If it does not pulse in the food processor a few more times. Make small balls using all the dough and drop the balls into a pot of very hot oil to deep fry them. Deep fry for several minutes until the balls turn golden brown.
Serve the ready falafel hot or cold with pita bread accompanied by salads, yoghurt sauce, hot sauce, hummus or tahini sauce. Many people like to have falafel as a snack or as part of a traditional meal.