Snacking, snacking for its own sake, enjoying a bite between two main meals is a passion for many of us. Who hasn’t found that while watching a film, reading a book or chatting with friends or drinking wine, you’ve found yourself reaching for the snack on the table? Many people think that this habit is unhealthy and the surest and most unhealthy way to gain excess weight. One solution is to never snack again, but this is not even a New Year’s resolution; it is a millennia-old ‘sin’ that is very difficult to give up in the long term, and why deprive yourself of this pleasure when you can do it another way? If we don’t want to, or can’t, give up the distinctive taste of snacking and the comforting feeling it brings, let’s snack healthily! Let’s eat something that is low in calories, high in vitamins, and still gives us the pleasure we normally seek in salty nuts, crisps, biscuits and other such outdated snacks. Here are some examples of such snacks. These will also run out quickly, but they won’t be as guilt-inducing.