Welcome to FANAN’s flavors of empire!

We have brought you the Middle East’s favorite delicacies to enrich your everyday feasts with delicious and healthy bites. The FANAN product range includes delicious, creamy hummus in six tastes, egg plant salads and dipping creams made exclusively from plant-based ingredients: they brighten up your family’s favorite meals, offer a healthy alternative to a reform nutrition and provide a continuous inspiration in the culinary art.

FANAN hummus

Chickpea has the star turn of our hummus creams. Besides the natural hummus with citrusy notes, we’ve also made savory and spicy versions of your favorite dipping sauce. Check out the chilly, savory, spicy, olive, curry and wasabi FANAN Hummus versions alongside the natural flavors on the refrigerator shelves of the leading supermarket chains!

Centuries of tradition in modern serving

In the FANAN products you can find the favorite ingredients of the European reform cooking, recalling the careful tradition of centuries of the Middle Eastern cooking in every bite. Our products can enhance the familiar dishes, so you can serve them as a side dish with meat dishes or as a complete element to your vegan diet!

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Look for FANAN Hummus on the chiller shelves of leading supermarket chains