Dear Customer,

Welcome to the home of the Bezula company’s popular FANAN salads and vegetable creams.

Please allow us to give you a brief overview of the most important milestones in the life of our company.

More than 10 years ago, we started the Fanan brand and established our family business in Budapest to further promote the Middle East’s favorite flavors and healthy eating traditions in Hungary and the countries of the region. The FANAN product range has been also a guarantee by now: we use only premium quality ingredients and family-based recipes to make our creams, falafel and salads, so that the delicious and healthy snacks can be with us every day of the week.

Our first product was the frozen falafel ball, which has been an element of our range of side dishes ever since. The most important ingredient in FANAN falafel is the high-quality chickpea, which is used in their full value as a raw material.

Just in time, we have also created our own range of creams and salads, in response to the rise of European health food. Our natural hummus cream has since become a household favorite dipping food based on sales!

The evolution of our business has allowed us to expand our product range with new flavors and recipes. We created FANAN aubergine cream and salad variations, launched our flavored hummus creams and later introduced tahini made from sesame cream.

In 2017, we moved our entire plant to Tököl. Here we now produce the full range of the FANAN product line. Behind the scenes, we are working to offer our customers even more quality, mouth-watering and healthy delicacies.