Our company 
has been working 
for more than 
a decade now 
in order to 
Middle Eastern 
cuisine among 

We follow authentic recipes that have been in our family for generations, and we make sure that all our products are made with only the highest-quality ingredients.

Our first product was frozen falafel. We experienced such enthusiasm and interest for our products that we decided to widen our portfolio with hummus dip – the favourite food of the Middle East. We started with plain Hummus, then we added more flavours. Now we offer Hummus flavoured with olives, curry, wasabi spicy sauce and chili. These delicacies were followed by eggplant dips. Today we continue to develop new flavours and other dips and salads.

All of our products are delivered fresh to the customers and if stored as required, they maintain their quality for a long time. We offer wholesale service only.

We are proud that after all these years of hard work, love and passion, the most significant food store chains in Hungary, numerous smaller shops and a great number of fast food restaurants are among our regular customers.

Fanan team